About Us

The Indian Graduates Association of Universiti Putra Malaysia (IGAUPM) was formed on 11th August 2000 with the aim of fostering fellowship and promoting professional network among members, and business, cultural and social groups.

Currently, IGAUPM has one hundred and ninety eight (198) registered members. We envisage our membership to grow steadily over the next few years. With fifteen years (15) of existence, IGAUPM continues to remain relevant. We strengthen and support all efforts to foster fellowship.

We believe strength in fellowship will enhance personal development, and coupled with strength in ‘numbers’ will invariably provide the foundation needed for a concerted meaningful advancement of the community.

A community with strong fellowship is the key indicator of a strong, vibrant and successful community.

The objectives of IGAUPM are:

  • To promote interaction among members for mutual benefit
  • To develop and sustain a caring Malaysian society with good family values through social, cultural and religious engagements
  • To provide services that promotes academic and career advancement among members in particular and the community in general
  • To provide counselling and assistance to members and undergraduates of public and private institutions of higher learning