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May 20, 2016
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IGAUPM Membership Drive

The IGAUPM membership list was outdated and the current committee, led by Prof Dr Vikneswaran and Mr Muralitharan updated the current list via the registration list used for the 2015 Annual Dinner. Ms Rasitha contacted all the registered members via email in order to update membership details, e.g., occupation, graduation year etc and this initiative is on-going.

Additionally, as there was a lack of younger graduates’ participation in IGAUPM since 2000, UPM Alumni was contacted to provide the younger Indian graduates of UPM contacts from the UPM alumni’s database. After a close follow up, UPM Alumni managed to extract the names and contact details of Indian graduates from year 1994 until 2014. Ms Rasitha compiled all the names into one IGAUPM members’ master list.

The current committee plans to develop the IGAUPM database but this initiative is put on hold until membership details are updated and an appropriate retrieval system is established.